To create digital elections with teambits

With the integrated digital election module, you can conduct secret elections with participants - online or on site. The election process can be adapted to your needs.

The "Digital Elections" module of teambits offers the implementation of an election in seven phases.

Phase 1 Nomination

At the beginning you nominate your candidates

At the beginning of each election there is the nomination of candidates. You have probably already done this in advance and present the candidates for your election to your audience at the very beginning.

Phase 2 Addenda

Are there other nominations for candidates?

With teambits digital elections you have the possibility to nominate candidates during the election process. In the Addenda phase there is a countdown during which you can clarify with the participants whether further candidates should be added.

Phase 3 Introduction

Is an introduction of the candidates desired?

Now all those eligible to vote have the opportunity to find out about the candidates and their programme. Find out if there is a desire for the candidates to introduce themselves briefly and promote themselves and their program.

Phase 4 Ballot

Now it's time to vote

Now the actual election takes place. The eligible voters are shown all candidates and can vote. Before the voting counts, the voters have to confirm a dialogue that they want to cast their vote bindingly. Other persons present without the right to vote are shown a notice that they are not entitled to vote. You as moderator have the option of setting which user group is to be granted voting rights.
By the way, you can also work with teambits with weighting of votes if your statutes have defined this for your election.

Phase 5 Election Commission

The election commission examines the election results

After the voting is completed, the election commission becomes active. It checks and confirms the election results, whether the voting process was correct and all regulations were observed. In teambits Digital Elections we have provided the pop-up dialog "Election Commission" for this purpose. Here the members of the election commission are asked to mark the selected candidates and to confirm the correctness.

Phase 6 Result

The election results are announced

Now the confirmed elections result can be checked and presented. In the presentation view, the following information is displayed below the election result:

  • Whether the election results were actually released by the election commission
  • How many votes were cast
  • How many voters took part in the election

Phase 7 Election Acceptance

Do the elected accept the election?

For the election to be effective, the elected candidates must declare their acceptance of the election. The elected candidates are asked whether they accept the election. The elected candidates now officially declare their willingness to accept the election or not. This decision is documented in teambits in the seventh phase "Election Acceptance".

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