Thousands of members of a Bundesliga club involved in a future search conference

In spring 2016 VfB Stuttgart has involved thousands of members in reginoal assamblies in developing new ideas for the club. In individual events in January and February up to 1000 participants each came.  Such a participative concept of club development is considered unique in the history of the Bundesliga. The digital accompaniment process from teambits was divided in three phases.

In the firt phase a situation analysis was created from online surveys and personal interviews. The result was presented in mid-January to early Feburary in eleven regional essembliesand further deepend. After the presentation of the results in course of each regional meeting, the participants met in groups of ten to formulate and ask two questions with the aid of tablet computers. The questions were categorized by the directors in seven different thematic focal points, to be answered immediately thereafter on the open stage by the president of the association as well as technically directly addressed board members. For members that could not attend one of the events, the question and answers were made available online.

In the second phase  750 members were involved for the future workshop  (See Report). In the Schleyerhalle the participants divided into 100 groups of tables. In six 30-minute rounds the participants discussed the topics identified in the regional conference. At the end of each round, each table then sent out its course of action before the table groups were completely reshuffled.

In the third phase in another elven regional essembliesand on the recommendations for action of the Future Conference. In addition, current results of the processes initiated in the meantime were presented. The big conclusion was the General assembly  on the 9th of October 2016, during wich important deciscions for the future were voted on.

With the support of teambits, both onsite and online attendees were able to actively participate in Q & A sessions, discussions and surveys throughout the project.