The new messaging tool

The interaction with an audience does not only consist of

  • questions to the participants or
  • questions asked by participants to the speaker or moderator.

A moderation process also includes mere messages. teambits has therefore always offered the interaction tool type “message”.

Since version 7.4, the message tool now supports

  1. the free formatting of text in an intuitive editor
  2. the use of emojis
  3. the insertion of links
  4. the upload and insertion of images and other files into the message tool

Links allow navigation between meetings, workshops and questionnaires

Inserting links in a communication opens up completely new possibilities. For example, you can quickly model a process in which participants move from one meeting or workshop to another meeting or workshop. Just as conveniently, the participant can now be guided to a questionnaire or pointed to an external source. Inserting the link is enough to guide the participant to another content in the next moment. Linking to content on the Intranet or WordWideWeb is also very easy.

Eingebettete Bilder ermöglichen neue Präsentationsformen

The possibility to insert graphics, pictures or other files into a message tool is not only interesting from a design point of view. By varying the size and arrangement of an integrated image, it is also possible, for example, to create presentations. Participants can have presentation slides shown not (only) via beamer or on large screens, but also on their own devices. For this purpose, the individual presentation slides are converted into graphics and integrated into the message tool in full screen mode. This is particularly practical for telephone or web conferences and live casts. In these cases, participants can view images and presentation slides on their smartphone or tablet parallel to the audio-visual channel – in significantly better resolution than would be the case with picture-in-picture transmissions, for example.