The activation of the participants generates the topics of the event of tomorrow

We remember. Until now the following media breaks were normal: The invitation to the event came via Email. The ticket as PDF. The program was available as an EventApp to download, even if hardly anyone has downloaded it. If you wanted to say something, you had to hope for the microphone. Those who did not dare to touch the microphone remained silent. And where public participation should be suggested, there were ballots or “TED” systems. These media breaks are passé today. All components of an event concept can be used and operated by the participant today via smartphone. Via WebApp in the browser.

Trend: Interactive narrative forms

Let us remember: Historically, stories were linear. They had a beginning, an increase, a delay, a climax and a conclusion. Today, linear storytelling gives way to interactive narrative forms. Event concepts are increasingly borrowing in organizational conference formats such as WorldCafé, OpenSpace or BarCamp. They recognize that participants have an active role and participants demand their roles. The “story” of the event is first written by its participants.

Seamless from the apron measure into the event

As a result of the end of the media discontinuities, the apron measure has taken on new significance. Where participants today make a media-technically unbroken user experience with their smartphones, the conception of digital communication in the run-up to an event interlinks with the live communication in the event: Digital apron measures will be possible, starting days or weeks before the actual event and moving into the dramaturgy of the live event without media discontinuity. Digital apron measures are the prelude to events with interactive narrative patterns. Only the activation of the participants during the apron measure generates the topics of the event. The interactive event concept exploits the contingency of the situation in advance, rather than speculating conceptually. The risk of omission of the topic, that is the risk of not “beating the nerve” against the participant is decreasing. The event is experienced by the participant as authentic because it is closer to its current needs than would ever have been possible with linear event concepts and traditional media.

teambits provides the decisive technical basis for: The event website, which was optimized for presentation on mobile devices, will be the WebApp of the live event, which combines all the features typical of EventApps. The participant is “live” from the first moment of the apron measure and participates continuously without media break.

If you would like to know more about how you can implement interactive event concepts with simple means, please contact us. We advise you free of charge and without obligationir on technical and conceptual possibilities – with pleasure on the basis of a concrete project.