Participation – a major concern of teambits

Did you know that the topic of interactive participation in political events is one of our great driving forces? Originating from the research at the Fraunhofer Institute, our company has accompanied the question of participation and its promotion since its foundation.

Our managing director Florian is a political scientist. He passionately criticizes the exclusion of many citizens from general political processes. It is his personal concern to allow everyone to participate in these processes without barriers in any way.

Barrier-free does not only mean enabling physical presence. Or even better: to enable participation without physical presence. It also means not making a high level of self-confidence a prerequisite for asking questions and expressing opinions. Thus, assertiveness is no longer important for a contribution with teambits.

Instead, all participants receive an equal vote. Who is heard is determined by chance or by objective discussion. That is completely in our sense.

Together with teambits: Ministries involve citizens better

We are therefore pleased that our software is being used for citizen* participation. This is exactly how we imagined it.

Events such as live streaming and discussions use the tool to ask open questions or query the opinion of the audience on a scale. Here we report on a programme of the Federal Ministry of Health and on a live format of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Both formats involve interested citizens with teambits.

Ask questions – express opinions

teambits easily extends participation to those people who cannot raise their voice locally. Technically, the web app enables citizens to participate from home or on the road. By clicking on a link on their own mobile device, they are involved in the discussion.

The Q&A function allows open questions, it asks for opinions and information. Closed questions are answered by the participants via the approval option: Symbolically via smiley, or as approval rate on a number scale with a slider. Institutions can use answer options to find out the preferences of their target groups.

The function for statutory elections, in turn, successfully supports larger associations and institutions. It also enables small associations and interest groups to implement votes quickly, easily and without errors. This means that each can exercise their voting rights remotely.

Take part!

Next time you can experience live with us how interactive participation works! There are more and more live streaming formats with participation options. Let’s make it common practice to listen to citizens!

Imagine that the next construction project in your street would first involve all the residents. Or your mayor regularly answered your most urgent requests. You would not have to get up and speak in front of a large plenum. You would also not have to write and address a letter – wouldn’t that be fabulous?

Ask for a participation tool at the next opportunity. With teambits, participation goes digital in an uncomplicated way and the inhibition threshold for the participants is particularly low. This is what we have developed our software for.