teambits In-WebApp-Streaming

24h/7 days 24h/30 days
concurrent viewer Price (plus VAT) Price (plus VAT)
75 86 € 90 €
150 94 € 120 €
300 140 € 196 €
500 162 € 306 €
800 255 € 412 €
1000 316 € 457 €
2000 511 € 853 €
2500 628 € 1.045 €

Status 28.03.2020. Prices plus VAT. Subject to change without notice.

  • The runtime and the number of concurrent viewers depends on the parameters of the teambits license (runtime, max. number of participants).
  • No traffic limitation or backbilling.
  • Test access from order.
  • The access to the stream can be restricted by the teambits functions (PIN and/or password protection).
  • The streaming endpoint is configured independently by the customer via the teambits Meeting Control Center (MCC).
  • Easy start thanks to illustrated instructions.
  • The billing of the streaming is per streaming endpoint which is created in the MCC.
  • Latency times ~10 seconds thanks to a lean server infrastructure.
  • Livestreams in HD (720p or 1080p) with data rates between 2 and 6 Mbit/s depending on video content. We recommend a data rate per concurrent viewer of 2 Mbit/s.

Video player for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Kindle HD, etc. is automatically integrated in the teambits participant web app. Participants only need an end device with a modern browser to watch the stream. No additional software needs to be installed.

Any software that can transmit video via the RTMP protocol (e.g. is suitable for sending the stream. We recommend the free and open source OBS Studio. Thanks to OBS Portable, the stream can also be sent from protected company laptops on which the user does not have administrator rights. Streams can be recorded as MP4 video.