Data protection compliant and on German servers: teambits and the video conferencing tool Yotribe

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic we have been receiving the same request: A purely web-based virtual conference with interaction and event app functionality on German servers. In a single browser window, with free switching between plenary sessions (one speaker with presentation) and group work phases, and constant access to the Event App. The solution must also be secure and data protection compliant.

Now it’s here: The combination of Yotribe and teambits realizes this wish.

Finally: The solution to everything in a browser window is here!

teambits can now be integrated into the video conferencing tool Yotribe, allowing users have everything on one screen. Whether voting or moderating via teambits, video chatting with the other participants, presenting a speaker, or arranging rooms as World Café, Fish Bowl or other conference formats. All functions open in the same web-based browser window. They run on servers in Germany according to the current DSGVO.

Other video conferencing tools that are not browser-based have another major disadvantage once more than 15 participants* have gathered: There, users cannot freely transition between smaller groups, making these tools confusing, tiring, and boring for users. Many video conferencing tools also do not have moderation tools on board – or they are difficult to use and rarely suitable.

A “meeting place” – on-site architecture for vivid virtual events

teambits + yotribe

Imagine if, in your virtual event, all participants moved just as freely as on site. There would be a hall with presentations, a room with bar tables for casual conversation with other guests, a conference room with tables and chairs for a discussion.

Visitors to conferences are accustomed to this architecture – and there are many arguments for the familiar. A large part of our ability to work and our efficiency depends on whether we follow familiar procedures that make it possible. This also applies to virtual events.

This is exactly what Yotribe offers, virtual events with the character of real places. Instead of a static view of tens of video recordings from the participants’ living rooms, users see a room furnished by the host. In this space, he or she can move freely towards others to participate in their conversations or form new conversations. To do so, users drag their icon with the mouse or cursor keys. The discussion groups are marked graphically. If one is entered, a video chat with the other participants on the screen opens automatically.

Virtually on the road with a digital voting tool

To start, hosts first set up the meeting room and – if desired – assign a password for access. Participants enter the event via the room URL and can move freely between the other participants. They are not required to download an app, but work purely web-based.

When a presentation begins, Yotribe switches to the presentation mode, here called “broadcast”. This closes the small video conference groups and the speaker can be heard exclusively by everyone. If this person shares a presentation, they can show the results of a survey carried out with teambits.

The teambits participant view is integrated during the event. Users can use features of teambits at any time, such as messages, questions to the group, surveys with multiple choice or by picture, quizzes and moderation methods like collecting, clustering and prioritizing. They can share the results with all participants or with only those in the discussion group. Even in the mingling view, when participants are in a subgroup, they can share their screen via screen sharing controls. An agenda can be provided by the host of the Yotribe room via teambits, as well as information on speakers.

DSGVO compliant on German servers

Yotribe does not have access to audio or video data processed through the room. The data is transmitted briefly. However, Yotribe does not store it and employees do not have access to it. Yotribe does not even ask for personal data. Profile pictures, names and chats are saved by the browser as cookies so that they can be called up again in another session.

This makes Yotribe attractive for companies and institutions that currently engage their employees in digital events but do not want an app-based solution for data protection reasons. In most cases, restrictive IT regulations exist that prevent the installation of software on desktops. For home office professionals, an authorized URL address space such as Yotribe’s is a good option for holding virtual conferences in compliance with data protection laws and IT security.

In combination with teambits, which is embedded in Yotribe, it provides an unbeatably elegant and privacy-safe option for interactive video conferencing.

We would be happy to advise you on questions and requests for the use of the video conference tool Yotribe with our software. Please contact us!

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