Digital fully featured event – teambits with zoom integration

teambits now integrates the Zoom web application. It’s never been easier to have a video conference with interactions, quizzes and voting. Set up a full-fledged meeting digitally – see, talk, interact and vote. All this whether five or 500 participants. Of course, still indispensable, from a safe distance. With the integration of Zoom, teambits achieves the claim of a complete basic equipment for hybrid and virtual events.

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Best practice hybrid events

The government has just extended the ban on major events in Germany until the end of December 2020. Hybrid events are a great option for events in 2020 and 2021, and without losing the charm of a “real” event, they allow many more interested people to participate in virtual space.

In hybrid events, a part of the guests meet onsite, on the spot. In view of the development of the pandemic, each federal state regulates the current permissible group size independently. At the same time, hybrid events bring together participants from outside online.

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