Collect, cluster and prioritize with teambits

The new teambits software is a prodigy of method diversity in digital moderation. Classical methods such as brainstorming (collecting), card queries in sense units or matrix (clustering) and voting (prioritizing) are regularly used by everyone who works with groups. With teambits, this can now be done digitally instead of on a flipchart or pinboard.

But what exactly can you achieve with collecting, clustering and prioritizing? What good is it that teambits can link each of these interactions ingeniously simple? How does the software help to design good processes? And does it have advantages to design moderation processes digitally?

Moderators and group leaders ask themselves these questions during the conception phase before an event. They are the specialists for methods and are responsible for the positive management of group interaction. Ideally they would like to lead a productive process with motivated people. In order for everyone to contribute, it is important that the methods are chosen appropriately.

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