Socializing in times of social distancing: the teambits Social Wall

What would communication be without personal conversation? These days we all use video calls and messages with words and pictures to keep in touch with each other. Social Distancing makes us aware that we humans need social contacts as much as we need food.

But what if it is about communication in large groups? And what if these groups can no longer come together in a physical location? At side places of work meetings and events we talk, laugh together, applaud punch lines, rethink points and whisper. We believe that this must also find its place in virtual space. In teambits this place is the social wall.

Sociability in virtual space: a place for personal contact

With the Social Wall we have designed a space for personal contact in the virtual world. On every conference schedule there is a module that event planners have set up in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The Get-Together ensures the good atmosphere of the event and enables socializing, or in German: Geselligkeit. The informal meeting is a nice get-together to get to know each other personally.

No conference, meeting or event is successful if the opportunity for socializing is missing. We chat before or after the agenda points and let the day end together at a seminar. Here, people develop content, check arguments, reflect on the topics. Questions and approaches to solutions are best developed by people in an open exchange. We also needed that for teambits.

Likes and comments define the social in social media

If we move in the virtual public sphere, we formulate our own thoughts on a current topic and post, for example, in Facebook Messenger. There they are visible for friends. They can comment, agree or ask questions. A conversation develops. Social means that people network and interact with each other: They share and receive information like pictures, posts or short statements (tweets).

We know them from everyday life, these web-based communication tools. Every social media app comes with a comment function – whether it’s to tweets, Instagram posts or Facebook entries. People stay in touch. We discuss topics that concern us beyond a like. We also address concerns, criticism and confusing issues. We collect opinions and form our own. We promote this by extending teambits with the Social Wall.

For your digitally moderated event or your workgroup online, the teambits Social Wall is the place to exchange personal information. Without the virtual public, just among yourself. On the teambits Social Wall, users comment on the topics and link contributions with a “thumbs up”. Both are done via an intuitive interaction surface. They can send pictures and collect ideas. Socializing via teambits is as easy as we know it in social media.

Bringing up personal issues on the Social Wall

The Social Wall is one of the new features of the teambits software, which we can set up as an add-on on request. In your teambits account you will find it on the list of interactions. If you want the posted content as a protocol, you can easily export it with the other results.

Your meetings and events currently take place virtually? The personal exchange should not be neglected. The COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps only the current issue – set up digital options for your team with foresight! Working groups, employees and national teams always have the advantage of staying in touch online. Whether from the home office, from remote workstations or simply in order to move around in digital processes.

teambits achieves that participants get involved interactively. We break up the one-to-many principle by having teambits involve everyone. The principle revolves around the Social Wall: everyone can formulate a contribution and exchange ideas intensively via the Social Wall. Whether off-topic or in factual channels – this is where the dialogue takes place, bringing up personal issues.