Module 3: Hardware Rental

For each event with digital facilitation in which participants interact live via event app, three items are required:

  1. A sufficiently capable temporary WLAN/WiFi (optional connectivity to Internet)
  2. Devices for direction and facilitation (notebooks, tablets, etc.)
  3. Devices for participants
    • Option 1: participants use their own devices (bring-your-own-device – BYOD)
    • Option 2: participants use rental devices (such as Apple iPod, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab or similar)

teambits checks and reviews a potentially available WLAN/WiFi infrastructure at the event site; if necessary, plans a temporary WLAN/WiFi installation, and, upon request, provides all devices necessary for the network, direction, facilitators, and participants.

M1: Concept

M2: Preparation

M3: Hardware

M4: Service on site