Module 1: Consulting & Concept Design

Are you planning an event or a series of events in which you want to involve the participants in the process by means of digital facilitation? For example, to harness the personal knowledge? To cope with challenges with participants? Working in groups to make decision-making options? To identify priorities, recognize relevance and make decisions together? Or, to start a change?

teambits is at your side!

teambits advises you on the digitization of your event design in all questions of digital facilitation as well as in all other aspects of your event concept – from the preparation over the technology to the implementation.

teambits has years of experience with a wide variety of event formats and application contexts. Whether large group moderation, organization conference format, management conference, shareholder or works council meeting, whether pharmaceutical congress, sales training or trade fair, traffic survey, football club or civic participation – we have (almost) seen everything.

We think out-of-the-box and seek with you appropriate solutions within your target and budget horizon.

We also provide you experienced and highly competent facilitators.

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