Full Service

teambits offers in 4 modules optionally everything you need to enable a digital event.

Module 1: Consulting & Conception

You are planning an event or series of events. You realize that you want to involve each participant. For example, because you want to gain the personal knowledge of the participants. Or, because you want to involve the participants in a decision. For example, to establish legitimacy or to initiate change.

With our expertise, we advise you in the conception of your event concept with regard to the digital moderation as well as to all questions of preparation, technology and implementation. If you wish, we can also accompany you during the pitch and in preparatory meetings.

teambits also teaches professional facilitators with experience in digital facilitation

Module 2: Event Preparation

According to your specifications prepare your teambits-EventApp for your project:

  • Graphical adaptation of participant interfaces and large-screen projections / result presentations (“branding”)
  • Implementation of your moderation script with interactions and queries in the directing interface
  • Filing of questionnaires (for example evaluation form, lead registration, etc.)
  • Deposit of additional EventApp content such as agenda, speaker information and much more.
  • Deposit of subscriber data / interface to your subscriber management system
  • Adaptation of software functions

Module 3: Hardware

For every event with digital moderation, in which participants interact live via EventApp, three things are needed:

  1. a sufficiently powerful, temporary WLAN (optionally with Internet connectivity)
  2. Devices for directing and moderators (notebooks, tablet PC, etc.)
  3. Devices for participants
    • Variant 1: Participants use own devices (Bring-your-own-device – BYOD)
    • Option 2: Participants use rental equipment (such as Apple iPod, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.)

teambits checks a possibly existing WLAN infrastructure at the venue, plans a temporary WLAN network if necessary and, if required, provides all necessary equipment for the network, directors, facilitators and participant.

Module 4: Event execution

Upon request, teambits will provide services that are currently necessary for a digitally facilitated event.
Which includes