School competitions – examples of the award ceremony via live voting by a digitally affine audience

Audience prizes are popular in events. The guests choose winners from their midst. Pure excitement and identification! An example for award ceremonies are the school competitions, which are often evaluated before the summer holidays. teambits equips public award ceremonies with the necessary equipment: The possibility to vote as a participant via smartphone.

"Jugend forscht" (Youth researchs), "Mathe-Olympiade" (Maths Olympics), "BundesUmweltWettbewerb" (Federal Environment Competition) or the History Competition of the Federal President. A wide range of state-recognised competitions makes it clear that the next generation is dedicated to special tasks nationwide - for good reason: to challenge and promote competitions.

They are complementary instruments for the development of talent and thus promote the education system. We are pleased to be involved in this, with a focus on the digital fine-tuning of these offerings.

Digital moderation, rule-compliant coordination - right from the start

Moderating and voting via web app - what is still new territory for some experienced moderators and conference topics is experienced by the participating students at the beginning of their event career.

A concrete example: 300 participants of a competition supported by teambits present about a dozen projects - but only one can win. The project groups meet soon and award the winning team with an audience award. While one team presents its project on stage, the other students vote via smartphone. On the winners' podium is the one who can win the vote in the hall.

The special thing: The rules stipulate that students and supervisors cannot vote for their own project. Multiple votes must also be avoided. No problem for teambits. Since our software can display elections in accordance with the statutes, the strict voting rules of an audience award can also be displayed.

Professionally presented with Moderation App

On stage, the surface of the moderation app appears with the logo and in the colours of the competition's sponsor. We have branded the view of the surface for the voting on the participants' devices to match - this makes things visually perfect. If you don't bring your own smartphone, you can still vote easily and using the same poll view: For this purpose teambits provides additional terminals in the form of neutral tablets in the hall.

teambits equips the school competition all around digital

teambits not only provides the software and the tablet for the moderators. An assistant director supports the moderation during the event. This allows the young presenters to concentrate on the show. We wish all submitted projects good luck and the students a lot of fun at their exemplary digital award ceremony!