Quizzes - very easy to create and playfully applied

Create interactive meetings and presentations or a special break – sometimes it just needs more energy in the room. It doesn’t matter where you work from, or whether you’re interacting with your audience or workgroup virtually or in real time. Quizzes also bring playful elements of competition and interaction to your home office. They also offer great entertainment!
Quizzes enrich digital meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions. Do not let your participants miss out on this fun!

How to create a quiz with interactions

Types of interaction
  • Create quiz questions with the Single/Multiple Choice interaction type. Also use the possibility to give several correct answers.
  • Image voting can bring special variety.
  • In the configuration dialog you assign points and mark the correct answers.
  • With messages they can divide longer quizzes into different sections.
  • Or use messages to link to other teambits meetings in longer events, e.g. to surveys or back to a main meeting.
Quiz Results
  • Insert quiz results to present an intermediate or final result.
  • The result chart shows the 3 best players.
  • Decide for yourself what you want to display in the results chart: Name, points, response time, number of correct answers. For example, you can increase the tension if you omit the names in the intermediate result.

How to conduct a quiz

  • First every participant needs a nickname so that the 3 first-placed participants can be assigned in the evaluation.
  • Then you play through all the questions one after the other with your participants in 4 phases - whether on site or virtually.
    • Introduce: Explain and discuss the questions in advance.
    • Activate: Now it's time - the players now cast their votes in a pre-defined time frame.
    • Evaluate: When the voting is complete, the moderator first evaluates all votes received.
    • Solve: Only at the very end is it resolved what the right answers were.
  • For longer quizzes, you can also use the quiz result as an intermediate result.
  • At the very end, you present the group with a lot of excitement now the 3 first-placed and possibly award prizes.

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