Quiz your audience!

Quiz your audience during your teambits presentation: We recently started offering the quiz as a stand-alone meeting type. Here we describe what it is about, what it is good for and how it works.

Create interactive meetings and presentations or a special break – sometimes it just needs more energy in the room. It doesn’t matter where you work from, or whether you’re interacting with your audience or workgroup virtually or in real time. Quizzes also bring playful elements of competition and interaction to your home office. They also offer great entertainment!

Moderate a quiz – increase the motivation of your group

A quiz is a classic question-and-answer game: several answers – only one is correct. Who knew? A quiz loosens up your presentation and increases the energy level of the participants. It has a motivating effect. All the more so with the awarding of points and prizes.

We call it “Gamification”: You spice up non-game contexts with typical game elements. Playing is the work of the child and adults also have a tendency to play. A game helps to increase motivation and activates the participants. Quizzes offer you the ideal opportunity to direct attention in a positive way.

It is best if the questions are exhilarating and consolidate or expand the level of knowledge. The be-all and end-all of a quiz must be its coherent implementation. The questions must be good, the answer options entertaining and challenging. Not everyone should obviously know the right answer – but it shouldn’t be too difficult for the level of knowledge of your audience.

From a technical point of view, teambits has your back. See for yourself how easy, flexible and interactive a quiz with teambits can be!


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Creating questions for a quiz

Create a quiz in teambits by selecting the meeting type “Quiz” via the button “Add” instead of “Meeting” (joint review of interactions) or “Survey” (individual review of interactions). In a quiz, the moderator controls interactions for participants. Store the “general information” such as quiz title, location and date. In addition, there are the menu items “Interactions” and “Results” for each quiz.

Write down your question – whether it is a fun topic, an important opinion or concrete knowledge. Offer the participants several answer options: Choose between single and multiple-choice answers or pictures. Mark the correct answer.

Time frame and scoring

You assign a score to each answer option – in steps of one or ten, or any other way you like. You can even assign minus points for particularly absurd responses. Determine the time frame that participants should have available to answer.

Now you moderate as usual and then release the question sequence of the quiz.

Determine the winners

The view for the participants looks different. They follow your invitation with the access code, enter a nickname and enter the quiz area.

A quiz is structured in teambits in the same way as meetings and surveys: As soon as the quiz starts, the quiz questions appear here.

As the answers arrive, the list of interactions of the quiz shows the current number of entries. This makes it easier for you to keep track. When the time is up, you first present all the results.

Click on “Resolve” and show which answer is correct: In the result, the three first-placed answers appear and your winner is determined. You can see the points scored per participant and the speed at which the answers were given. In case of a tie, the time is decisive!

Export of results as HTML or Excel

In the result export of a quiz, you will get information about the time it took for each answer and the number of correctly answered questions.

The results are provided by teambits as HTML protocol or as Excel download.

Also via remote meeting – quiz your audience!

There are many advantages to quizzing your audience with teambits instead of a verbal or paper quiz:

Everyone sees the questions in real time. And everyone is given exactly the same amount of time to answer. The moderation app evaluates the rounds immediately and precisely – errors or delays are impossible! The preparation and moderation can be completely paperless. You save yourself notes or printed matter. This is good for the overview and good for the environment.

Design a quiz in teambits now

Quizzes enrich digital meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions. Do not let your participants miss out on this fun!

By the way: When we get together again in “real” events, quizzes work wonderfully at your stand.

If our quiz feature convinces you, use teambits free of charge for your next digital meeting.
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