Staging and directing

With the teambits professional functions and the teambits Meeting Cockpit you can stage authentic participation in every detail.

The Meeting Cockpit

The Meeting Cockpit is the control surface for event professionals.

  • Implementation of freely planned processes
  • Configuration of all areas - live, even during the event
  • Intervene at any time - in the rehearsal room and during production
  • Direct control over the participant devices (also with BYOD)
  • Send Push & InApp notifications to groups and individuals
  • Set up multilingualism
  • Identify and control individual devices with special rights
  • Control content and custom functions
  • Release or postpone subscriber-generated content individually
  • Network- and Last-Monitoring
  • Latency monitoring per client
  • and much more...

Onboarding and personalization processes

Privacy policy

Interactively bring your privacy policy to the attention of participants before the event begins. Document GDPR-compliant declarations of consent.

Password and PIN request

Protect your meeting with a password. Or grant access only after entering the personal identification number (PIN). Participants receive a password or PIN during the invitation process or at the entrance. A PIN request allows personalization of content and interactions.

Release of personal data

In onboarding processes, participants can edit their participant profile. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to decide on their own visibility in the event. For example, whether they want to be addressed via chat function.

The request for release of personal data can be set as initial interaction, but can also be called up and changed by the participant at any time via the menu.


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Special features

In-App reading of QR Codes

teambits supports the possibility to scan QR codes in App with the help of the device camera. This way, information can be displayed or actions can be triggered at points of interest. Typical applications are fair exhibits or training courses.

Combined result presentation

If comparable data are collected at different points in time or if historical reference values are available, they can be displayed directly in a comparative view.

Typologisation questions

As an alternative or in addition to personalization, typologizing questions to the participant are possible. On the basis of typologizing features, participant contributions or votes can be analyzed ad hoc according to typological features and displayed graphically.

Parallel events

teambits enables the implementation of parallel workshops and breakout sessions with independent procedures.


teambits allows synchronous multilingual scenarios. It is possible to give participants the possibility to choose their language for decision. In addition, the participant-specific language can be set during the invitation process, as part of the admission management or even from the control room.

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