teambits – the software for participative event formats

Wordcloud mit teambitsteambits is a client-server application for digitally supported meetings, conferences and events.

With teambits, the planned course of an event is transformed into a digital process led by moderation and direction, in which up to 2500 participants work digitally with the help of smartphones or other mobile devices via WebApp or app.

How to work with teambits?


The heart of teambits are the unique control interfaces, in order to control, readjust or spontaneously modify a digitally interactive event sequence in the live event at will:

  • The Meeting Control Center (MCC) enables simple operation by a moderator.
  • The Meeting Cockpit (MC) offers a director extensive possibilities for controlling the event process and supporting the moderators.

All surfaces that become visible to the participants and moderators can be graphically adapted to design specifications or adapted to free surface design drafts.

All data generated by participants and evaluated by the server is documented at any time and available in digital form at the touch of a button.

Contributions made by event participants can be processed in real time and reused at any time during or after the event.

Test teambits free or arrange a live demo by phone and screen sharing.

Functionalities overview

teambits includes

  • all interaction tools known from the facilitation of group work in digital form
  • functions for a digitally managed facilitation process and special event formats
  • event app features to provide event information and other features

in a single event software solution.

First steps

From the perspective of the organizer

Login to the server
Log in to your server in the meeting management interface. The registration takes place by entering your username and password.

Create a new meeting
Create a meeting in the meeting management interface. Enter event information, such as the event name, date, and location.

Plan interactions
Once you have created a meeting, you can add interactions to your meeting. To do this, open the meeting cockpit in the meeting management interface. The individual interactions can be combined into interaction sequences similar to a slide presentation. Interactions include message tools, free-text tools, and voting tools. The results of a tool can be picked up and used in any subsequent tool.
You can find more information here.

Start meeting
As soon as you activate one of the interactions you have created in the meeting cockpit, it will be displayed on the participants devices as soon as they open the participant view.

How to participate in a meeeting

Join the meeting
To attend a meeting, attendees open the web address of the meeting in the browser of their device to interact with the moderator. Optionally, the use of teambits app for iOS and Android is possible.

Weboberfläche Startseite
To get to the meeting address, the participants can either scan a QR code or they will get the address as a link from the organizer.
Startseite App
If participants have installed the application, participation in the meeting is very easy: the app will then enter the event ID, which the organizer will inform the participant about.
Password and PIN request
Optionally, you can protect participation in a meeting with a password. Alternatively or additionally, a personal identification number (PIN) can also be requested. In these cases, the participant will first be shown the password or PIN request as soon as they want to participate for the first time via web interface or app. The participant then logs in with his password or PIN, which he received with his invitation or at the entrance to the event. The PIN query enables personalization of content and interactions.
Release of personal data
In events with event-public participant list, the participant can be given the opportunity to edit his data presented in the participant list and to decide on its visibility in the event public lists. The participant decides, for example, whether he can be addressed via the participant list via chat function. The request to release personal data can be switched as an initial interaction, but can also be retrieved and changed by the participant at any time via the menu.