teambits product overview


Create flowing moderation sequences with our extensive interaction possibilities.
With free text questions you can collect ideas, opinions and comments from a group and then use our cluster function to form meaningful groups from the mass of contributions. Afterwards you can discuss and prioritize these clusters and contributions using Q&A to finally vote on the importance or urgency of the contributions. This way you really get to know what the group is doing!

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Digital Elections

With the integrated digital voting module, you can conduct secret elections with participants - online or on site.
Digital elections enable you to map complex voting processes according to association rights: So you can report at the beginning on the quorum and agenda and then conduct various elections, regardless of whether you must first elect a meeting leader and election commission or executive committees, councils, delegates, commission members, proxies, etc.

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Use our integrated survey feature to discover the voice, opinions or interests of your participants.
Regardless whether you want to receive feedback at the end of your event, determine the satisfaction of the participants of a hybrid event, or you want to use questionnaires independently from events, surveys from teambits in combination with our extensive interaction possibilities provide great versatility.

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Test the knowledge of your participants with a quiz!
Create your interactive meetings and presentations or a special break - sometimes it just takes more energy. It doesn't matter where you work or whether you meet with your group virtually or in real life. Quizzes bring playful elements of interaction and also offer great entertainment!

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