On the ball: Quiz and voting with teambits 7.6

Only at the beginning of the year teambits 7.5 brought great Q&A and polling features. Collecting, clustering and prioritizing with the digital moderation app became child’s play. Today teambits 7.6 is live – again with fine new features around voting and quizzes.

Note: We are happy to offer an update to all current users* of teambits 7.5.
Please contact us.

It is a small milestone for teambits: Together with our customers we have developed these longed-for functions. They also give your presentation the decisive fun factor and benefit. Here we present the new version:


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New features around the quiz

A quiz brings variety and interaction to every online meeting. Be it a team conference in your home office, webinar or online training: Create a question-and-answer game and test the knowledge level of the participants with high entertainment value.

We have created the quiz for teambits 7.6 as a separate meeting type. In a quiz, the moderator controls interactions for participants. You release each question for editing and assign a certain number of points to the entry. From the sum of the points achieved, teambits calculates the first place.

You invite your participants to the quiz in teambits via QR code, then you can start right away. Everyone chooses a nickname and joins the quiz. You specify the time in which the participants answer the quiz questions. As the answers arrive, the meeting’s list of interactions shows the current number of posts. This makes it easier to keep track.

In addition to the multiple-choice procedure, you can design a question using pictures. In the new teambits version, you can arrange them in any order you like: one below the other or next to each other.

Mark the correct answer in your quiz – this increases the tension and the resolution is clearly visible. When all the answers have been collected, you can solve the question by clicking on it.

The meeting type “Quiz” is also suitable for drawings. A raffle is the highlight of your event? A prize should lift the mood of your audience? Build a quiz into your moderation with teambits.

In the result export of a quiz you get information about the time each answer took and the number of correctly answered questions.

New interactions: Numerical Scale Queries and XY-Matrix

We have developed two new interaction types for meetings and questionnaires. You can now map your queries in teambits 7.6 either as “Numerical Scale Query” or on an “XY-Matrix”.

The “Numerical scale query” provides you with information on several aspects. You can determine the values to be assigned in a completely flexible way: Determine one, ten steps or even negative values for the answer options of your question. Your participants give a rating by using the slider. For each aspect, teambits calculates a median, which shows the average of the ratings. The result is displayed by teambits in a number scale.

The interaction type “XY-Matrix” allows the evaluation from the perspective of two different aspects. Each participant rates the questions on a number scale using a slider. The questions are in relation to each other – visible as one point in the XY coordinate system. Each entry represents one coordinate. The coordinates appear in teambits on a matrix. Thus a topic is illuminated in two-dimensional space.

teambits 7.6 is even better

The new version also brings some improvements: When you cluster posts, you can get the cluster view in full screen. The same applies to the presentation view.

You can design your queries by image more freely and list photos and emojis next to each other or among each other. For each interaction you can see in teambits 7.6. the current number of received contributions from the team or audience. You mark the correct answer, no matter which meeting type you choose: meeting, questionnaire or quiz.

You don’t have to decide in teambits 7.6 – simply switch back and forth between percentages and absolute numbers in the presentation of the results. Sometimes it makes things easier to understand if they are presented in different ways.

Test teambits 7.6 now!

We hope you like teambits 7.6 as much as we do. Try it out now!

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