Making virtual meetings and online events interactive with teambits

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, live events are giving way to a format that brings people together online instead: virtual events. With teambits you can participate live in your digital format.

Events are currently being cancelled worldwide and employees are being sent to the home office. Event planners and group leaders are looking for the best way to convert their conference or meeting from analogue to digital. Maybe you too? Because you know: Fast and effective communication and coordination are among the most important tasks in a company. This is also true, or especially if your employees do not come together at the same workplace.

In the following three chapters we will describe everything you need to know to create your virtual meeting with teambits interactively.

First: How participants use teambits in virtual meetings

Meetings in virtual space are probably already being held in the company. Due to current events. But also because the modern workplace can be anywhere, at least temporarily, and the digitalisation of communication in the company offers many options for this.

With teambits you involve your participants in a few simple steps – let them participate interactively in your virtual meeting.

1. Open the Meeting App

Classic solutions for virtual meetings in companies are GoToMeeting or GoTo Webinar, Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Google Meet, Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, and Circuit. Choose the provider that best suits your needs and is well known in your business.

2. Access teambits via link or QR Code

Just like during a live event, your participants can access the teambits interaction surface via QR code or web link. They only need their own smartphones or tablets. Your participants receive the link to teambits via the chat sidebar. You yourself will see the interaction surface, the so-called “participant view”, in your teambits overview. Your questions and requests to the participants appear here – the dialogue in the virtual workspace can begin.

Via the link, participants can ask questions in advance, which you can use to prepare the online meeting.

3. Integration of teambits into your website

If your event is streamed from the website or a landing page, you can integrate teambits into your website. There, the so called presentation view will appear: The presentation that you would present on stage in an analogous event. The participants use another device or browser window for their interaction via teambits. You can either send the link to the interaction area in advance or place the QR code on the website.

4. Embedding the streaming player directly into teambits

For important events, which need to be presentable all around, we offer you to embed the streaming player directly into the teambits interaction surface. This provides your participants with maximum comfort, is visually charming and you have maximum security.

Second: How moderators use teambits in virtual events

With many great features of teambits you can now make your virtual team meeting interactive.

Your participants can ask their questions online, participate in surveys and fill in questionnaires. This is how you use the interactive features teambits offers you:

1. Working with teambits directly on the desktop

With teambits you keep your meetings well organized. Open teambits and get an overview of your meetings in the Meeting Control Center. Manage and add to your meetings from here.

For more details on setting up meetings, watch the following video:
(remember to turn on the english subtitels)


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2. Create interactions

Afterwards, you conduct your meeting created in teambits. You have many great possibilities to moderate interactively: Q&A sessions, questionnaires,

Queries, collections, clustering, prioritizing, rating, mood assessments. How this works exactly and which method is the right one when, you can read here.

Create and use interactions in teambits:
(remember to turn on the english subtitels)


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Voting according to the statutes is also possible with teambits!

Because people don’t always want to share everything with everyone, there is also a feature for whispers, personal chats and a social wall.
You can read more about the “Message” feature here: The new messaging tool

3. PowerPoint integration

If you or the speakers have created a PowerPoint presentation, you do not have to switch back and forth between PPT and teambits. With our add-on for PowerPoint, teambits questionnaires and interactions can be integrated into the presentation easily. Further details about our PowerPoint Add-On are availablehere.

Third: Ten tips for interaction in your virtual event

Whether conference or team meeting – it is important to captivate the audience. Even in the virtual space. We have a few tips for you to help you achieve more interaction with ease:

1. Take breaks. Because as your audience comes together online, there may be delays. This gives everyone the opportunity to ask their questions.

2. Encourage questions and comments by making a specific request with a time limit: “Now take half a minute each to formulate your question.”.

3. Use the moderation that is based on the division of labour and have an assistant check the submitted questions.

4. Share the submitted questions and survey results with your participants.

5. Use queries more frequently than in live events! They provide you with feedback and also include those who shy away from questions and discussion.

6. Use good moderators who know how to ask questions, guide queries clearly and address the online audience appropriately.

7. Address your participants repeatedly and invite them to a dialogue.

8. Provide a contact person for problem solving and technical questions in larger events.

9. Come up with something varied for the breaks! A crowdgame can be a nice gimmick:


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10. Don’t just refer to statistics, results or reports, but moderate them with a quiz.

That’s it! In these three simple steps you can now make your virtual meetings interactive.

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