Use teambits with integration of video conferencing solutions

If you want to plan and conduct a virtual or hybrid meeting, think about the involvement of participants who cannot be on site and thus cannot follow the proceedings in person. Therefore you depend on media-mediated, audio-visual possibilities of participation. teambits contributes this possibility to you - plan a video conference and use the possibilities of interactions, elections, quizzes, surveys and voting with teambits in parallel.

Which video conferencing solutions are available for integrated use with teambits?

teambits with zoom integration

The zoom integration into the participant view of teambits offers you an uncomplicated integrated solution. This means that you can dispense with the coexistence of different browser windows, tabs or end devices. In this setting, your participants only have to open the link to teambits in the browser window of their digital device. Then they see the planned interaction on the screen as well as all other participants with images and sound.

Since teambits uses the Zoom web application integrated, there is no need to install the Zoom app here. If you are planning a large event with a control room, all of Zoom's functions are available to you with the standard client. You use teambits, which also runs web-based, and get a digitally full event.

In our blog article "Digital fully featured event – teambits with zoom integration" you can also find important information about security aspects for using Zoom.

The onbaording of the participants to a teambits meeting with zoom integration.

In the invitation to your meeting or event, you send the link and a PIN to log in to tembits. Optionally, you can also send personalized links to teambits so that there is no need to enter the PIN. If your participants click the link to teambits, the teambits web app opens with the integrated zoom client and names the participants as registered. This is because the participant list on your personalized teambits system is linked to the access to the web conference. Your participants identify themselves with the PIN when they join the meeting.

What other video conferencing solutions are available?

teambits also offers the integration of Jitsi as an alternative to Zoom

A good alternative to video conferencing with Zoom is Jitsi. teambits offers the integration of the open source software as an alternative. Jitsi Meet offers video conferencing via a web browser with good features and high transmission quality. One advantage is that the system encrypts each phase of the video conference. If you use teambits with web conferencing in a political institution or in particularly data-sensitive companies, corporations and organizations, Jitsi is a good choice and you play it safe.

We provide the connection to Jitsi at attractive prices. The costs are several times higher than those for Zoom. However, you get an infrastructure created exclusively for you: A dedicated server with bandwidths designed for your needs gives you a stable and powerful platform that does not use US data services.

Wonder can also be used for video conferences with teambits - data protection compliant and on German servers

The purely web-based virtual conference solution allows you to switch between group work phases or presentations for the entire group in a single browser window. This allows you to provide your participants with a virtual meeting room in which they can move around as freely as they do on site: For example, there would be central presentations for everyone, a place for casual conversation with other guests, and space for open discussion.

Wonder is attractive for companies and institutions that want to use digital events but do not want an app-based solution for privacy reasons. Wonder has no access to audio or video data, which is only transmitted briefly but not stored. Wonder does not even ask for personal data. The browser saves the profile pictures, names and chats as a cookie.

Now new: Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx can also be integrated into the teambits software for video conferencing.