Integrate video conferences into teambits – in 3 easy steps!

In the article Making virtual meetings and online events interactive with teambits we have already presented several possibilities of using teambits in parallel with common video conferencing tools such as Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams. Using the example of Zoom, we now show a simple but impressive way to integrate your preferred video conferencing solution directly into teambits. For your participants, this results in a seamless interaction of proven live video streaming and flexible interaction possibilities (voting, Q&A sessions, brainstorming, etc.).

Livestream with teambits Smiley Voting The following two sections first discuss the advantages of integrating such tools into teambits. If you prefer to start with the implementation right away, just jump directly to Integrating video conferences into teambits – How does it work?

Note: To perform all steps of this article yourself, the following two requirements should be fulfilled:

  1. You need access to the teambits streaming service. Please contact us for an activation in your account.
  2. You need a licensed Zoom account (Pro, Business or Enterprise). See


For every aspect of your event, there are digital tools available today that will do the work for you and your participants. An increasingly great challenge is to combine these tools into a harmonious overall concept. How do you design your event to make it as easy and profitable as possible for all participants? How do you manage to concentrate on content and avoid distractions caused by technical challenges?

The current crisis situation forces us in many respects to fall back on technical possibilities in our regular communication that were previously foreign or suspicious to us. This applies both to the daily exchange with colleagues at work and to the organisation of large events. While it has been common practice for some time now to interact with participants at events with a large number of participants via digital channels, this is still largely unknown to us at smaller events such as team meetings or general assemblies. If events are now moved from the real to the virtual space, the need for such digital channels suddenly becomes relevant for almost all sizes of events.

Integrate video conferences into teambits – What is this good for?

The spread of video conferencing has exploded in recent weeks. We at teambits also meet several times a week in virtual space during the home office period to keep each other informed. This works great as long as the number of participants is manageable and everyone should contribute to the conference. But what to do if the number of participants becomes very large?

Here it becomes relevant to differentiate between moderators and viewers. If possible, moderators should be switched on via video for their speeches, while viewers follow the event without appearing in the video stream themselves. This is already possible with some of the above-mentioned providers for video conferences, even if often only for small numbers of participants. In order to enable an active exchange between and with your viewers despite the virtuality, it is important to provide interaction tools in addition to video streaming.

The videoconferencing providers mentioned above often limit themselves to basics such as individual and group chats. This does not mean, however, that you have to do without the extensive possibilities of a moderation tool such as teambits. Thanks to our streaming interface it is easy to integrate the video signal of your conference call into teambits. The participant interface of the teambits app is thus extended by the display of a video player. While viewers follow the contributions of your speakers, they can participate live in voting, Q&A sessions, brainstorming, etc. You can also provide accompanying content to the topic of your event, which participants can watch and download parallel to the stream.

Integrate video conferences into teambits – How does it work?

Enough theory. Let’s now take a look at the example of Zoom and see how you can integrate your conference into teambits with just a few steps. With other providers the steps may differ slightly. Please check with your respective provider for the possibility of RTMP streaming.

1. Prepare teambits for receiving a live stream

teambits MCC information
First open your event/meeting in the teambits Meeting Control Center (MCC). On the info page of your event, go to the area Live Streaming and click on Create endpoint. Next, copy the displayed URL to the clipboard.

2 Configure in zoom the sending of a live stream to teambits

Zoom configure live stream
Next, log in to your zoom account via a browser. In the Personal section, click on Settings and scroll down until you see the option Allow live streaming of meetings. Enable the option and select Custom Live Streaming Service from the menu that opens.


Zoom meeting participants
Now start your Zoom Meeting as usual. In the menu bar at the bottom of the window, click on More and then click on the Live option on Custom LiveStreaming Service.


Live option on custom live stream
On the page that opens, enter the straming URL that you copied from the teambits MCC in step 1. As Streaming key use live. Now enter the participants URL of your teambits meeting as live streaming page and start your stream with a click on Go Live!.

3. invite participants

Livestream with teambits free textThat was it. Your meeting is now streamed live into the teambits app. Distribute the participation link/ QR code to your viewers as usual. Participants can now follow the Zoom Meeting in teambits and take part in the interactions controlled by you in parallel, all without switching between different apps.


Application examples

Finally, two application examples as inspiration for your next event.

Virtual general meeting

Let your general meeting take place virtually with teambits. The speakers dial into a video conference and can be “connected” live from the home office for their respective slot. Your members can dial into the teambits app with any number of participants. In addition to Q&A sessions for the individual presentations, you can also use teambits to anonymously vote on various points.

Virtual crisis updates

Use teambits to regularly inform your employees in your home office about new events and decisions of the management board in times of contact ban. The board of directors, who can also act from their home office, speaks in a video conference about the current situation, while the staff is connected via the teambits app and can ask questions via the Q&A tool.


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