Overview about basic functions from teambits:interactive

teambits:interactive united

  • All  tools known  form the moderation of group work in digital form
  • Functions for a digital guided moderation process and special event formats
  • EventApp-Functions to provide event informations and other additional functions

in a single Event-Software solution.

Functions for digital moderation

Rckfrage.png Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Anonymously typed queries make it easier for the visitors to get themselves involved in the event. Get to know more about practical example and process.

Rückfragenmoderation schematisch

Freitextfrage.png Free text questions

The chance to ask participants open questions for example in a brainstorming is absolutely indispensable.


Lckentext.png Fill-in text

A focused and structured free-text question increases the quality of earning.

Kombinierte_Ergebnisdarstellung.png Word Cloud

For the ideas and contributions that are presented as a WordCloud from participants, multiple answers are displayed proportionally larger. Also other representations in form of maps, lists or clusters are possible.

WoldCloud mit teambits interactive erstellen

Clustern.png Clusters

The ideas and contributions from a directing team or participants grouped in clusters can be further processed directly.

Gewichtung.png Weighting

One or more weighting criterias are making it possible to sort material based on their relevance. For this, contributions can be taken over from previous free texts or Fill-in texts.

Voting.png Voting

For votings there are simple or multiple selections possible. To be put on the vote can be predifined texts, texts from previous free texts, fill-in texts and weighting tools. Also pictures or graphics can be put to the election.

Voting Abstimmungen mit teambits interactive



Numerische_Abfrage.png Numeric query

The evaluation occurs on a scale for example from.: „1 – 10“, „0% – 100%“ or other  ordinal scales. Also likert scales are possible.

Skalenfragen mit teambits interactive

Kategorien.png Categories

This Feature for example servse the grouping of the participans according to typological characteristics. These can be known about the participants through the preperation or raised in the course of the moderation. On the base of the typological characteristics of the participantsis for example the catgorial evaluation and visualization of results possible.


Functions for the moderation process and special events format

Nachricht_an_Teilnehmer.png Messages

The director can send personalized messages to selcted participants, participant groups or single moderators. These are getting deliverd as Push-Notifications (When using the App interactive.me) or as an In-App-Notification (When using the WebApp).

Moderations-iPad.png Moderation-iPad

Selected questions or contributions from the audience can be send to the moderator for futher use.

Foto-Protokoll.png Photo-Protocol

Participants can take photos with their devices and they can be uploaded to a common Photo-Protocol. The realization of In-App photo galleries is possible.

Kombinierte_Ergebnisdarstellung.png Combined presentation of results

If comparable data are collected at different times or historic references values are available, can these be displayed directly in a comparison view.

Parallele_Veranstaltungen.png Parallel Events

teambits:interactive allows workshops to be held parallel to each other with independet processes.

Personalisierung.png Personalization

If a list of participants is stored during the preparation, possibilities of personalization arise. For example, personalized agendas can be implemented.

Zuordnungs-Quiz.png Allocation quiz

Right order or possition from texts / pictures can be assigned over drag & drop.

Wettbewerbe.png Compitions

Knowledge quiz, score for correct answers. Winner will be get displayed.

Live_Score-Ticker.png Live „Score-Ticker“

Score with live update for a quiz or teamplay.

Mehrere_Sprachen.png Multiple Languag

All informations can be disposited in diffrent languages on the device. It is possible to give the participants the chance to choose their language. In addition, the participant-specific language can be set as part of the invitation process, as part of the admission management or even to be set out from the director.


Branding.png Branding

Customnization of the surface design by the individual Corporate Identity-rquirements and customer logos.

Agenda.png Agenda

The Agenda is deposited on the device and can be personal tailored for every participant.

Referenten.png Speakers

The CVS of the speakers can be read in the information section.

Produkt-Informationen.png Product-Informations

Informations about products, companies, sponsors etc. as text, pictures, videos and volume.

Lage-_Raumplan.png Location / Space plan

Locations will be deposited on the devices and are always available as a digital signpost.

Bestellformular.png Order form

Participants can request informations by E-Mail.

Social-Networking.png Social-Networking

Businesscard exchange via the devices. Messages between participants in a single chat, chatroom or for all members in groups.

QR-_Code.png QR-Code

Use the device camera to scan QR-Codes that displays information or trigger actions.