Special Features

The director can send personalized messages to selected participants, groups of participants or individual moderators. These are delivered as push notifications (when using the app interactivate.me) or as In-App notification (when using the WebApp).
Moderation Table
Selected questions or contributions from the audience can be sent to the moderator for further use.
Use the device camera to scan QR-Codes that display information or trigger actions.
Combined result representation
If comparable data are collected at different times or historic reference values are available, these can be displayed directly in a comparison view.
Parallel events
teambits enables the running of parallel workshops and breakout sessions with independent processes.
These can either be selected by the participants themselves or they can be assigned by the organizer.
If a list of participants is filed during the preparation, possibilities of personalization arise. For example, personalized agendas and further differentiation of questions about subscriber characteristics can be realized.
Learn more about personalization in our
onboarding video with teambits
Mapping Quiz
Assign correct order or positions of texts / pictures by drag & drop.
Knowledge quiz, score for correct answer. Advertisement of the winner.
Live “Score Ticker”
Results display with live update for quizzes or team games.
Multiple languages
On the devices, all information can be stored in different languages. It is possible for participants to choose their language for their decision.
In addition, the participant-specific language can be set as part of the invitation process, as part of the admission management or even out of the direction.