Eight tips for interaction in hybrid events

Hybrid events are quite new. You should therefore always explain the procedure and the “rules of the game” to your guests. We have recorded eight tips for the interactive parts of hybrid events for you:

teambits creates two different views for the participants in hybrid events: On-site participants receive the classic teambits view – without livestream, because they observe the event themselves. Participants who are not physically present will find the classic teambits question mask in their browser on the event website. In addition, the livestream of the event is shown there.

1. Explain to the audience on site that other participants want to speak online and that the interaction is therefore digital.

2. Place the QR code for interaction clearly visible or print it out for your guests.

3. It is helpful to have clear communication on the use of the contributions: Does everyone know that the question is openly visible to all participants? That a director first checks the questions, makes a selection, then releases it to the moderator, who may take it up, so that the question does not always reach the podium? What happens to the questions that are not publicly asked?

4. It is useful to be advised not to provide personal data (such as telephone number) and information. In this way you ensure that the participants’ expectations are reasonable. Because usually the questions remain within the event or department. They are not passed on to the questioner for further processing and feedback.

5. We limit the number of characters for the word contributions. In this way, we obtain information that is to the point and does not contain unimportant information. This is comparable to limiting the speaking time – but much fairer! Because written contributions can be revised by participants, so that the most important things are not left unsaid. In 300 characters, for example, a concrete question can easily be placed.

6. A well-positioned and rapidly working director ensures a smooth process without frustration among the participants.

7. The more participation there is – especially if it is transparent for everyone – the higher the expectation after the contributions are included. The moderator must take this into account and, in the case of an unexpectedly large number of contributions, allow more voices to be heard. Nothing is more frustrating than not being heard.

8. The moderator is the one who makes the interaction audible. Every question contains interest, time and expectation for an answer. It is good to acknowledge and thank them for their contributions and announce their further use.

Manage interaction in hybrid events correctly

At teambits, we seamlessly serve the onsite and online participants* at hybrid events with a lot of know-how. This is important so that everyone feels equal and involved. But also so that no contributions are lost and the discussion develops fairly and objectively.

Technically, we will keep your back free so that you can concentrate on the course of the event. Talk to us, we have experience and are happy to help. Read more about hybrid events with teambits HERE