Digitized World Café with 200 participants on the occasion of a medical congress

On the search for event concepts with interactive narrative forms, the “World Café” format is currently very popular
among event planners.

The format is one of the most recent organization conference formats and relies on the work in table groups. Thanks to digitization, several hundred participants to get involved is possible. The most recent example is the Landeskongress Gesundheit Baden-Württemberg, digitized by teambits for the umpteenth time.

The subject of the congress was the digital transformation in the medical care facilities. Whether it was interaction during the keynote speeches in the form of an Q&A or voting on issues of initial care for patients, activating the participants via smartphone determined the day and generated participatory, shared experiences and results. teambits provided concept, consulting, technical implementation and customized (“custom made”) interactions.

Digital World Café

In addition to plenary interactions, the organizers relied on teambits digitized World Café. The advantage of a World Café is that the participants bring about a “change of ideas” through a regular change of table group participants, which has a stimulating effect on the participants and always brings in new perspectives. In this form, the World Café digitalized with teambits:interactive is unique on the market and can be precisely adapted to the needs of the respective target. It strengthens the role of the table group moderators and in particular, solves the challenge which is virulent in all World Cafés of ensuring a clean notation of the results produced in the table groups and then preparing and sending them digitally as a protocol immediately afterwards.


The activation through interactions and documentation is not only relevant to the organizers with regard to their event participants. The very high esteem of all participants, generated by interactions, can be transferred to the commitment of the sponsors of the event. This, in combination with the comprehensive digital documentation of the entire event it ensures that the organizers are interested in participating in the following year as well as the willingness of the sponsors to present themselves as co-hosts in the subsequent event.

Pictures: Participants discuss at the 26th of January 2018 in Stuttgart at the Landeskongress Gesundheit as part of the MEDIZIN trade fair at the Word Café. Image licensing: Messe Stuttgart