Digitally facilitating Future Search conferences

Often, the format “future workshop” or “innovation workshop” is used to find solutions to common problems or challenges. For example, teambits’ clients use the format of the “Future Workshop” to engage customers, partners, employees or executives in analyzing current trends and their impact on market research, marketing, communications and product development.


(free after Robert Jungk)

  • Preliminary phase: Creation of a sufficiently informal working atmosphere
  • Phase 1: Complaint / Critique: Inventory in free brainstorming
  • Phase 2: Fantasy / utopia: development of alternative ideas and identification of possible starting points
  • Phase 3: Realization / Practice:
  • Conclusion: identification of concrete next steps
  • Follow-up: Summary of results and their outcome as preparation for next steps

 Practical example

Notebooks are used at conference tables, whereby the participants are increasingly freed to use their own devices such as smartphones.

If necessary, the Future Workshop will be opened with an inspiring impulse presentation for the purpose of framing. The three main phases are performed as “speedstormingan different theme tables.”

As a result, after the event, several hundreds of feasibility-weighted ideas with concrete possible next steps to customer needs, products and services are available in written form. The participants who have entered them will also have access to it, also the preference structure will be announced. In phases, all results can be seen directly and live for everyone.