Digital trade fair contact recording: With teambits independent of the quality of the Internet connection

The willingness to talk is nowhere higher in customer acquisition than at trade fairs. The goal of every trade fair exhibitor: leads. If you want to stay in contact, you make notes of the wishes of the other party during the conversation, write down initial joint ideas and secure contact data once exchanged.

The trade fair contact sheet is therefore the workhorse of every trade fair participation. It serves not only for the systematic collection of data, but – much more importantly – as a conversation guide and anchor point for a conversation. Especially when it is well done. Last but not least, it is also the measuring instrument for sales management and provides important KPIs.

Getting into conversation at trade fairs – and staying there

Paperless lead capture is easy. Above all it is fast. If the delay in follow-up after the trade fair is due to the paper recording, the digital conversation note enables contact to be established in real time after the trade fair. The first hello on LinkedIn or XING, followed by promised documents by email or the friendly phone call a few days later: a question of quick access to collected data. The digitalization of the trade fair contact sheet supports consistent post-processing without any loss of time.

Contact data can be entered by questionnaire on a tablet or digitally by scanning the visitor’s badge. Optionally supplemented with a spontaneous photo of the business card. Finally, you can export everything to your customer relationship management system (CRM system) together with notes on the trade fair discussion. Your sales team can immediately take action and turn a loose trade fair contact into a customer.

Electronic exchange of data by the fair itself

Some trade fair organisers offer their exhibitors the option of providing electronically the visitor data collected when booking tickets. For example, the exhibitor scans the visitor’s badge carried on the lanyard. However: trade fairs can pay well for this service. As an exhibitor, you therefore have to decide whether to buy the trade fair solution or bring your own. At this point at the latest, the question arises whether the infrastructure provided provides the necessary adaptability and exchangeable data formats. Especially: At what extra cost?

The obvious thing to consider is to use your own CRM directly at the fair. However, most CRM systems require reliable Internet connections for this, sometimes with the possibility of maintaining VPN tunnels and other security features.

With teambits:interactive you have the possibility to adjust the digital trade fair contact recording to your needs and to make yourself independent from the trade fair as well as from the availability of your CRM system. Because teambits:interactive can be used on site, regardless of the quality of the Internet connection.

Collect fair leads in the questionnaire mode of teambits:interactive

Event agencies and event managers in companies have been using the teambits:interactive software developed for live events for quite some time now not only in events for audience participation, but also at road shows and trade fairs.

Therefore, since version 7.3, teambits offers the possibility to choose between the modes “live interaction” and “questionnaire” when creating a flow chart.

In interaction mode the presenter initiates the question to the audience and picks up the material provided by the audience selectively. In questionnaire mode, the participant works through all interactions one after the other, just like you know it from paper questionnaires.

The questionnaire mode is especially practical at a trade fair. The stand personnel opens the teambits:interactive WebApp in the browser of a smartphone, tablet or notebook and conducts the prepared interviews in questionnaire mode. The highlight: The data collection can be assigned to individual stand personnel thanks to the multi-event structure and, thanks to personalization options, even to individual employees. Furthermore, it is possible to link exhibits with individual interactions at any time. At the same time, there is the possibility of live digital moderation of the forums popular on large exhibition stands. This is particularly charming since “silent speaker” and “silent conference” systems are on the rise, especially on exhibition stands.

Way to go! Edit and export trade fair contact sheet

teambits:interactive makes your trade fair contact sheet available on any end device. You can use all devices available at the booth – notebooks, smartphones or tablets. Without having to install extra software.

Data can be collected securely, even without a stable Internet connection. The cache of the device stores collected data until there is a sufficient Internet connection for transmission. Especially in exhibition halls unbeatable. The data recorded in the trade fair contact sheet can then be optionally supplemented with a picture. This can be a photo of the contact’s business card or a shared selfie.

Anyone who wishes – for example in order to obtain consent to receive the newsletter in addition to direct contact – can have the use of personal data authorised by the respondent(s) and document this.

The last step is the CRM integration. teambits:interactive is available as export CSV or Excel files that can be easily imported into any CRM system. If desired, teambits also provides XML-based exchange formats – for a seamless data import into any other downstream system.

And should the case arise that the chosen venue does not allow an internet connection at all, teambits still offers the possibility to operate the server directly on-site. If the stand has its own WLAN, you can then operate the entire system completely autonomously without internet.

Creating the trade fair contact sheet with teambits:interactive: simple, digital, practical

With the teambits:interactive EventApp you can realize various interactive events. And you have it with you for flexible use at the next trade fair – for recording your trade fair contacts.

teambits:interactive has several advantages in the context of trade fairs and roadshows:

  • Flexible use of existing end devices for the survey
  • Familiar user interface facilitates familiarization with digital measurement lead acquisition
  • Works offline as well
  • Photo function for attachments via image
  • Option for assigning the leads to the investigating personnel
  • Collection of consent according to DSGVO for further use of the data possible
  • Automatic CRM integration for CSV, Excel or XML-based formats
  • Enables a stand specific IT infrastructure