Digital moderated feedback process for 4,000 employees and 300 executives

Management feedback does not have to be uncomfortable for those involved, as the following case study from a car company shows. To optimize the corporate culture of the car manufacturer, the Group Human Resources department, together with a management consultancy, develops a workshop concept that forms an important intersection between strategic corporate goals and personal development opportunities. The key to the success of the concept is the digitization of the feedback process using teambits. As part of the project, more than 300 executives and approximately 4,000 employees can exchange views. The result is a highly individual feedback for the executives in order to be able to reflect the personal leadership behavior. 


The concept

The workshop concept is deliberately geared to a dialogue. In concrete terms, it includes a top-down order of the workshops for the management levels (subgroup management, department management, etc.) and leadership feedback for executives. Surveys are conducted via tablet PC, live surveys via subscriber smartphones. The moderation of the sub-events is supported digitally by teambits.


The protected space for executives and employees is an important prerequisite for the workshop concept. Using the completely anonymous live survey via tablet PCs, smartphones or handhelds, they can give their supervisors feedback. The questionnaire consists of six blocks. In addition to fundamental questions on personal leadership behavior, there are also questions regarding corporate values: living customer proximity, responsibility, trust, courage and enthusiasm. In addition, free text fields offer the option to record comments, ideas or questions.


The evaluation takes place without time delay. An experienced consultant moderates the immediately available results in the same discussion round. He provides for a fluid discussion and directs when it becomes critical. After the workshop there is the possibility for a reflection talk with the moderator, who specifies his impressions.


Digital facilitation for fearless communication

By directly presenting the results, all stakeholders can comment and intensively discuss. The presented by the facilitator tablet PC, the provision of which already have a request character, contributes immensely to the success of the event. The tablet PC is easy to handle, so filling in the questionnaires is quick and easy. Because only the result of the group and not the individual participant is displayed, the survey is anonymous. Even critical comments can be so named without fear and discussed in more depth.


Anonymous and yet open – a contradiction or no contradiction?

The workshop is not just a win for the executives. In addition, the discussion about anonymously collected feedback contributes to an improved working atmosphere. Employees see the overall result, interpret and discuss it with the help of the facilitator, and can give the leader valuable guidance on value-based leadership.

The necessary anonymity on the one hand and the open communication culture on the other are contradictory at first glance, but the workshop process completely dissolves these apparent boundaries.