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teambits now integrates the Zoom web application. It’s never been easier to have a video conference with interactions, quizzes and voting. Set up a full-fledged meeting digitally – see, talk, interact and vote. All this whether five or 500 participants. Of course, still indispensable, from a safe distance. With the integration of Zoom, teambits achieves the claim of a complete basic equipment for hybrid and virtual events.

All in one: Zoom video conference & teambits interactions and moderation

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You need nothing but a modern web browser of your choice – teambits offers everything in one. Since teambits uses Zoom’s web application, there is no need to install an app. A web application is stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet via a browser. Unlike MS Word or common programs that you install on your desktop, you don’t install a web app locally. If you’re planning a large event with a director, the standard client gives you access to all of Zoom’s features. You use teambits, which also runs web-based, and get a full-featured digital event.

In your invitation you send the link and a PIN to register to tembits. Optionally, you can also send personalized links to teambits so that there is no need to enter the PIN. If your participants use the link to teambits, the zoom client automatically opens in the teambits web app and names the participants as registered. This is because the participant list on your personalized teambits system is linked to the access to the web conference. Your participants identify themselves with the PIN when they join the meeting. Each meeting that you create in teambits receives its own access data to the web conference via Zoom: the meeting ID and the password.

Via zoom you participate in a video conference together with the other registered participants with activated camera and microphone. In the process, the moderator releases interactions that teambits offers: Brainstorming with colleagues or party friends, sorting results and assigning higher-level topics and tasks, polls, quizzes, voting, and elections.

So simple, so fast, so proven

Zoom impresses with good quality video conferencing, low cost and most importantly: an intuitive interface. It is popular. The web conferencing provider has several hundred million users every day. Whether home office, virtual conference, yoga class or parents’ evening – a large proportion of Germans have tested Zoom during 2020 or use the tool regularly. Virtual meetings are more successful when participants are familiar with the technology. Digital moderation is becoming the standard for hybrid and online events. Together, the two applications Zoom and teambits form a simple, fast and proven solution.

For a digital party conference, for example, this means that all participants open a web link and are technically able to exercise their right to speak (via Zoom) as well as their right to vote (via teambits Election). The SPD Baden-Württemberg demonstrated this in mid-November and held a complete state party conference with teambits. More than 300 members of the Social Democrats gathered for the party conference – digitally, due to the requirements to contain the Corona pandemic.

Is Zoom a Safe Option? Experts say: but safe!

Ever since the Berlin data protection commissioner expressed concerns about Zoom’s data protection compliance, the accusations against the service have not ceased. Unjustifiably so. Leading data security experts largely refute the accusations. Read here in IT Security Issue 4/2020 that information security specialists pass the Zoom video conferencing system security check.[1]

The accusations to be refuted are primarily: poor implementation of data protection, vulnerability of the software vulnerabilities and insufficient encryption. The company has improved data protection and now takes it into account. Zoom’s security policies are based on the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) cloud security guidelines. Users can view them. The web-based application does not allow access to users’ systems. End-to-end encryption was not guaranteed. Encryption is used for data traffic and is a crucial criterion. Zoom made huge improvements here.

For secure use, it is generally recommended to adjust Zoom settings before your first meeting. To do this, check Zoom’s configurations and set up security options such as the waiting room and password protection. You select where the data center through which the traffic passes may be located – for example, only in the EU. You can see this information in the client window. A clear guide on how private users can set up Zoom in a privacy-compliant way can be found here. The practical guide compiles information and contains checklists on the topics of server selection, duty to inform, password protection, waiting room, recording and security.

teambits has integrated Zoom into its standard application with these arguments in mind. The US company Zoom is transparent in its security improvement process. We understand that users are nevertheless unsettled. In the public perception, it is only slowly leaking out that Zoom has improved the reported vulnerabilities in its version 5.0 without exception. Just in case, we have therefore developed an alternative with which you can also work safely and well: The integration of Jitsi Meet.

Jitsi soon to be integrated in teambits as well

For the cautious, government agencies and corporations with strict usage requirements for using external software, we offer the open source software Jitsi as an alternative. Jitsi Meet offers video conferencing through a web browser with good features and high transmission quality. One of its advantages is that the system encrypts each phase of the video conference.

Jitsi offers users a good alternative to video conferencing with Zoom. We provide the connection to Jitsi at attractive prices. The costs are several times higher than those for Zoom. However, you get an infrastructure created exclusively for you: A dedicated server with bandwidths designed for your needs gives you a stable and powerful platform that does without US data services.

If you use teambits with web conferencing in a political institution or in particularly data-sensitive companies, corporations and organizations, Jitsi is a good choice. Whether for political considerations or for data protection reasons – this way you play it safe.

Now available: teambits with zoom

Equip your next meeting or conference with teambits and benefit from the web conferencing feature. We would be happy to demonstrate how this works. The integration of Zoom is our new standard. Alternatively, we can provide you with Jitsi on request. Next year teambits will provide the integration of Jitsi by default. Let us get in contact.

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[1] Source: Prof. Norbert Pohlmann, Institute for Internet Security at the Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen