Digital facilitation offers unbeatable benefits and countless application formats


 Higher Efficiency

  • Digital processing of participants’ input (up to 1,500 synchronously working individuals) in real time
  • Immediate usability of collected information
  • More streamlined progression through elimination of idle moments
  • New scope of action for facilitation
  • Immediate graphic presentation of participants’ input

 Higher Participation

  • No bandwagon effect
  • No peer pressure / pressure from superiors
  • More precise results through unbiased, authentic participant input

 More Participants

  • More efficient organization and facilitation of large-scale events (50 to 2000 participants)
  • Smart IT evaluates text and numeric participant input in real time and makes participant-generated content available digitally
  • No tedious post processing of results through direct availability of the evaluated and graphically prepared results from all deployed facilitation tools of the plenary and group work phases including photo logs of sketches.


  • Configurable in almost any combination
  • Modular expansion: customization of all products
  • Strong alignment to your requirements – both technically as well as conceptually

 Better Overview

  • Easier integration of digital media without disruptions
  • Improved readability – use of computers instead of frequently illegible handwriting
  • Effortless structuring of content
  • Live monitoring: facilitator receives continuous, precise feedback on the activity status of participants