Create content with interactions

Experience the freedom of self-determined and secure digital moderation.

With teambits you have full control at all times.

  • Create flowing moderation sequences from digital interactions
  • See in real time what your participants see and do
  • React spontaneously during the running process
  • Moderate participant contributions
  • Bring jointly generated content to life.
    Optionally with the help of the teambits AddIn for PowerPoint
  • Export your results to HTML and MS Excel (XLSX) at any time.


Whether during moderated work with the audience or in questionnaire format: Ask participants open questions. Evaluate the incoming material live. Optionally as

  • a list
  • StickyNotes/Presentation cards
  • a Word Cloud


Group contributions under a heading.

Cluster posts by similarity

Digitize canvas-based procedures by sorting articles according to canvas headings.

The highlight: This can be done either by the moderator, a moderation assistant or/and in the background by a director.


The "Dot Sticker" becomes digital.

Use weighting criteria to have material sorted by the audience.

The number of votes per participant and per item is freely adjustable.

Optionally available as

  • Star rating
  • Slider question


Don't lose time: Get relevant questions and exciting comments from the audience.

Open a channel for all those who are not looking to be in the spotlight, but want to contribute to the cause.

Decide what will be visible.

Decide when and in what order to respond to questions and comments.

Best of all, maintain an overview by delegating the pre-selection of contributions to your moderation assistant.


Take a vote...

Both single and multiple selections are possible.

The following may be put to the vote:

  • Predefined texts
  • Cluster from previous interactions
  • Texts from previous free text interactions
  • Pictures or graphics

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