Event Management

Customization of the surface design according to individual corporate identity specifications and customer logos.
The agenda is stored on the device and can be personalized to each participant.
Information about the speakers can be found in the information section.
Product Info
Information about products, companies, sponsors etc. as texts, pictures, videos and sound.
Location- / room plan
Maps are stored on the devices and are always available as a digital signpost.
Order form
Participants can request information by E-Mail.
Entry list
Provision of an event-public list of participants. The list is used, among other things, to allow participants to write messages to each other via chat.
The data of the subscriber list can be transferred from subscriber management systems via data import. For public event provision of the subscriber data, the consent of the participants can be queried.
Participants chat
Messages between participants in single chat or in the chat room for all participants or in groups.
Own notes
Participants can take notes within the App.
Contact form
Throughout the event, participants will have access to a contact form.
File deployment
You can provide the participants with files as PDF-Format, which can be opened directly in the App or web interface.