teambits Conferences


Digitise your conference: digital programme booklet, digital speaker information, digital moderation. Your participants use their smartphones in the protected environment of your event. No software installation is required. Participants open a link and are connected.


With teambits Conference you can use digital moderation simultaneously in different parts of an event or in simultaneous events. Search in brainstormings with your participants for common answers to new or recurring questions, collect open questions from the audience and conduct voting. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC browser to prepare and work digitally with your audience. All entries are documented ad hoc and are ready for further processing at any time. Integrate all participants digitally into the content work – even those who are connected via live video transmission or web conference.

  • The digital moderation solution for conference professionals
    • interactive presentations
    • Questions from the audience
    • Brainstormings
    • Votes
    • Agenda
    • Speaker information
  • Interactions and content can be controlled and updated live
  • Use in any number of events / adjoining rooms – even in parallel running panels / meetings
  • license including 300 participants*
  • Additional participants can be booked
  • no installation required, because web-based
  • Participants participate ad-hoc, device-independent (browser-based interface for smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.)
  • participants connected via live cast or web conference use the same interface
  • optional use of the teambits App for iOS and Android
  • Moderators and speakers moderate questions from the audience, brainstorming and voting via smartphone or tablet
  • All automatically documented: All questions, brainstorming ideas and voting results immediately digitally available
  • Planning the topics/questions to be dealt with in the conference via the Meeting Control Center
  • Moderate during the conference with your smartphone or tablet
  • Your data is secure and DSGVO compliant on a server instance hosted exclusively for you
  • Hosting in Germany
  • Variable, fail-safe and highly available

Branding & Services

  • Branding (logo and color scheme) as a gesture of goodwill (from the next update there is the possibility of branding in self-service)
  • temporary WLAN infrastructure and Internet connectivity available on request as a service for individual events
  • On-Site Services (set-up and dismantling, assistant director) can be booked as a service for individual events

Application examples

  • Conferences with interactive lectures
  • Sales Conferences
  • Sales training (e.g. interactive Walk-Arounds)
  • Personnel Conferences
  • Executive conferences
  • Conferences within the framework of co-determination
  • Club or association conferences
  • Large group interventions
  • Large group moderation in change processes


*The number of participants results from the sum of all persons who connect to the server unambiguously and anonymously. If the event participants are spread over several adjoining rooms or if teambits is used in parallel events, the number of participants results from the sum of all persons connected to the server unambiguously and anonymously per time unit. Example: A server designed for 300 participants can serve an event with 300 participants, two simultaneous events with 150 participants each or 10 partial events with 30 persons per partial event, etc.

Further pricing models: