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Free Basic Event Professional
Participants2 25 100 500 1000 3
Users 1 1 1 unlimited
Number of events/meetings you can create unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Participant list and access permissions configurable per event/meeting
Statutory elections (optionally by secret ballot or roll call), optionally with weighted voting
Price(+ VAT) 0 €




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Meetings, Quiz
Secret elections
Breakout Meetings
Voter list
optional personalization for meetings, quizzes, questionnaires
Additional meeting slots can be booked
Number of interactions per meeting 5 unlimited 10 unlimited
Price per additional meeting – €
Price per additional parallel meeting – €
List of participants / electoral roll
optional participant authentication (PIN/token)
Voting rights adjustable per participant
Voting weight adjustable per participant
Transfer of participant data via API
Collaborative editing of events/meetings by multiple users
Add-In for PowerPoint
Integration of the participant view in web pages via iframe
Zoom meeting integration
Integration of other web conferencing systems
can be combined with teambits streaming
Integration of the participant view in websites possible
Moderation of questions and comments
Personalized speech list on request
Brainstorming (open questions, card query, BlogWall, WordCloud)
Cluster contributions
Voting (closed questions)
Personal election
List election
Electoral Commission Phase
Scale issues (weightings, prioritizations, etc.)
Sequences of brainstorming, clustering and voting
InApp notifications to web app users
Branding (your logo and color customization with 2 colors) Logo & Farben Logo & Farben
Choice of subdomain (
Customized Branding Against surcharge Against surcharge
Use under your own domain On request
Social Wall Module bookable in addition
Group-Chat bookable in addition
Individual chat bookable in addition
Selfie-Cloud bookable in addition
Content (agenda, speaker info, venue map, etc.) bookable in addition
Live statistics (active participants, finished participants)
Export of participant input and results in html and xlsx format
Result log with individual-related assignment of inputs
Anoymized election protocol
digital ballot box (votes cast as xlsx file)
ad hoc attendance list can be queried (e.g. to check whether the quorum has been reached)
Evaluation of attendance and length of stay (e.g. for qualification certificates, CME points, etc.) bookable in addition
GDPR compliant
Server location (for cloud-based deployment) GER GER GER GER
Hosting on-premises on request
Event code
meeting-specific authentication methods
PIN-based participant authentication
Customer-specific authentication procedure on request
global password protection for single meeting / single events bookable in addition bookable in addition
SingleSignOn (SSO) bookable in addition
Data security / compliance consulting On request On request On request
Consultation on the implementation of digital elections Web-Seminar On request
Event design consultation Web-Seminar On request On request

temporary WLAN infrastructure and internet connectivity on site
On request On request On request
operational services on site On request On request On request

1 Deployment for 30 days. This instance is welcome to be used for multiple events that take place during the provision period.

2 Number of participants who are online at the same time

3 optional maximum 2500 participants possible for an additional charge; for details see order process


Status as of November 2021.
Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include VAT.
Unless otherwise stated, services can be booked for a fee.
Subject to changes and errors.