Integrate video conferences into teambits – in 3 easy steps!

In the article Making virtual meetings and online events interactive with teambits we have already presented several possibilities of using teambits in parallel with common video conferencing tools such as Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams. Using the example of Zoom, we now show a simple but impressive way to integrate your preferred video conferencing solution directly into teambits. For your participants, this results in a seamless interaction of proven live video streaming and flexible interaction possibilities (voting, Q&A sessions, brainstorming, etc.).

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Socializing in times of social distancing: the teambits Social Wall

What would communication be without personal conversation? These days we all use video calls and messages with words and pictures to keep in touch with each other. Social Distancing makes us aware that we humans need social contacts as much as we need food.

But what if it is about communication in large groups? And what if these groups can no longer come together in a physical location? At side places of work meetings and events we talk, laugh together, applaud punch lines, rethink points and whisper. We believe that this must also find its place in virtual space. In teambits this place is the social wall.

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Making virtual meetings and online events interactive with teambits

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, live events are giving way to a format that brings people together online instead: virtual events. With teambits you can participate live in your digital format.

Events are currently being cancelled worldwide and employees are being sent to the home office. Event planners and group leaders are looking for the best way to convert their conference or meeting from analogue to digital. Maybe you too? Because you know: Fast and effective communication and coordination are among the most important tasks in a company. This is also true, or especially if your employees do not come together at the same workplace.

In the following three chapters we will describe everything you need to know to create your virtual meeting with teambits interactively.

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Collect, cluster and prioritize with teambits

The new teambits software is a prodigy of method diversity in digital moderation. Classical methods such as brainstorming (collecting), card queries in sense units or matrix (clustering) and voting (prioritizing) are regularly used by everyone who works with groups. With teambits, this can now be done digitally instead of on a flipchart or pinboard.

But what exactly can you achieve with collecting, clustering and prioritizing? What good is it that teambits can link each of these interactions ingeniously simple? How does the software help to design good processes? And does it have advantages to design moderation processes digitally?

Moderators and group leaders ask themselves these questions during the conception phase before an event. They are the specialists for methods and are responsible for the positive management of group interaction. Ideally they would like to lead a productive process with motivated people. In order for everyone to contribute, it is important that the methods are chosen appropriately.

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How do virtual conferences work? Crash course for reschedulers in the face of Covid-19

Live communication draws attention to the stage show or exhibit. A considerable part of the emotions, however, is deeply rooted in the experience of one's own interaction with the others in the room. The other, that can be the performer on stage as well as the other participant. The teambits toolbox for interactive participant participation is therefore much more important in hybrid and virtual events than in face-to-face events. How do you create the special experience of personal encounters, when you don't meet each other in person anymore? Is it because #Coronavirus and #Covid-19 forces everyone to stay at home? All planners are now confronted with many questions. Conceptually and above all technically.

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School competitions – examples of the award ceremony via live voting by a digitally affine audience

Audience prizes are popular in events. The guests choose winners from their midst. Pure excitement and identification! An example for award ceremonies are the school competitions, which are often evaluated before the summer holidays. teambits equips public award ceremonies with the necessary equipment: The possibility to vote as a participant via smartphone.

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The new teambits 7.5 is here!

The new teambits version 7.5 went live on February 13.

The new version is aimed at all those who are looking for the ultimate Q&A and polling functions and want to professionally moderate meetings, conferences and consulting situations. With the new version, digital moderation becomes child's play. Event managers can also be happy, because the new teambits can be integrated even better into personalized events. Here we present the new version.

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Digital trade fair contact recording: With teambits independent of the quality of the Internet connection

The willingness to talk is nowhere higher in customer acquisition than at trade fairs. The goal of every trade fair exhibitor: leads. If you want to stay in contact, you make notes of the wishes of the other party during the conversation, write down initial joint ideas and secure contact data once exchanged.

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The new messaging tool

The interaction with an audience does not only consist of

  • questions to the participants or
  • questions asked by participants to the speaker or moderator.

A moderation process also includes mere messages. teambits has therefore always offered the interaction tool type “message”.

Since version 7.4, the message tool now supports

  1. the free formatting of text in an intuitive editor
  2. the use of emojis
  3. the insertion of links
  4. the upload and insertion of images and other files into the message tool

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