Digital moderation at the WorldCafé of the EMCC Global Provider Summit 2019

London. 200 participants, 20 tables, 40 topics, six hours preparation time. We left for this hackathon on 25 November. The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) invited us to the EMCC Global Provider Summit 2019. On departure, the ink on the flight booking had dried just in time. Participants should have the opportunity to ask questions during the KeyNotes. During the WorldCafé, table hosts and interested assistants were given the opportunity to take digital minutes. In the subsequent case study sessions, questions and comments were collected digitally in order to take them to the downstream webinars and other conferences.

Hardness test for the new multi-meeting structure

The “Discovery” room of the Park Inn by Radisson London Heathrow, equipped with excellent WLAN for 700 participants, enabled the realization of an instant digitalization. teambits set up 40 separate moderation scripts ad hoc for the total of 20 conference tables. The control of the moderation could optionally be transferred to the table host, but was centrally left to the direction.

This was made possible by the Meeting Control Center (MCC) from teambits:interactive. With its help I can create meetings, create moderation scripts, clone once created meetings and delegate responsibilities granularly. In this way, standardized processes can be quickly duplicated and subsequently individualized. Ideal for mapping group work phases with highly individual processes for each group.

For the plenary and group work phases, place cards with QR codes were printed for each table in the conference organization office. Quite simply, by Word document. The QR codes are output by teambits:interactive per meeting as standard. Using the QR code, participants can connect ad-hoc to the table group via smartphone or participate in the plenary session. Alternatively, the respective link can be opened manually. In order to manage a robust phase change, the QR codes were exchanged during coffee breaks between plenary and group work phases.

Participation from the start

Participants were informed of the possibility of participation via WebApp by means of the moderation. The starting point of the event was marked by around 30 questions and comments, which were sent electronically within minutes to Professor Peter Hawkins and his key notes on “Tomorrow’s leadership, today’s revolution for coaching. mentoring, and supervision”.

Title image: EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Facebook 30.11.2019, last updated 09.12.2019.

Digital moderated feedback process for 4,000 employees and 300 executives

Management feedback does not have to be uncomfortable for those involved, as the following case study from a car company shows. To optimize the corporate culture of the car manufacturer, the Group Human Resources department, together with a management consultancy, develops a workshop concept that forms an important intersection between strategic corporate goals and personal development opportunities. The key to the success of the concept is the digitization of the feedback process using teambits:interactive. As part of the project, more than 300 executives and approximately 4,000 employees can exchange views. The result is a highly individual feedback for the executives in order to be able to reflect the personal leadership behavior.  Continue reading Digital moderated feedback process for 4,000 employees and 300 executives

Thousands of members of a Bundesliga club involved in a future search conference

In spring 2016 VfB Stuttgart has involved thousands of members in reginoal assamblies in developing new ideas for the club. In individual events in January and February up to 1000 participants each came.  Such a participative concept of club development is considered unique in the history of the Bundesliga. The digital accompaniment process from teambits was divided in three phases. Continue reading Thousands of members of a Bundesliga club involved in a future search conference

Digitally facilitating Future Search conferences

Often, the format “future workshop” or “innovation workshop” is used to find solutions to common problems or challenges. For example, teambits’ clients use the format of the “Future Workshop” to engage customers, partners, employees or executives in analyzing current trends and their impact on market research, marketing, communications and product development. Continue reading Digitally facilitating Future Search conferences

How do you get participants to accept and use interactive elements?


“How much interaction can an event take”? On January 11, 2018 panelists in a Fish Bowl in the MICE FORUM at the trade show Best of Events discussed this question. Participants from the audience rephrased the question: How do you get participants of an event to interact in that event via app? Especially if you are dealing with a more conservative audience? Here are three answers: Continue reading How do you get participants to accept and use interactive elements?

Digital facilitate questions in face-to-face events

Participants continuously associate questions, objections and ideas with the content they bring to them. But only very few participants want to expose themselves to a hall microphone. Also, they usually get neither space nor time the opportunity to connect to the microphone. One of the most fundamental strengths of digital moderation is therefore the use of public issues.

In contrast to known microblogging services, teambits:interactive allows a highly efficient division of work between audience, directing and facilitating. The focus of attention can be directed to a much larger number of participant contributions because presenters lose neither control nor time to individual dominant participants. Moreover, teambits enables low-threshold communication in a protected area with controlled public coverage. Without requiring participants to install software. Continue reading Digital facilitate questions in face-to-face events