teambits: who we are

With more than 10 years of experience in digitally facilitated events, teambits supports you in planning the content, methodology, organization, and personnel for your event.

teambits GmbH, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, is headquartered in Darmstadt and specializes in technology management in the areas of digitalized facilitation and directed digital interaction at live events.

We develop tailored interactive concepts and solutions for your event.


Value added instead of just “voting”.

We develop tailored interactive event concepts that allow you to realize informational value added and go far beyond familiar formats such as “voting” or “questionnaires”.

Within the framework of the events hosted by our customers, we enable:

  • Efficient collaboration
  • Interaction
  • Participation that is more extensive and precise through the use of digital facilitation via smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device
  • Collaboration with very large groups with over 1,000 participants online and offline
  • Simultaneous organization and facilitation of large-scale events in multiple locations
  • Client-Server solutions: controlled public range and maximum privacy and data protection
  • Customization: modular configuration of software and reservable additional features (conference/event apps)
  • Installation of apps on participants’ devices is not required, but possible.
  • Employee briefing, orientation, and technical and/or conceptual support for the entire duration of the project
  • Intensive on-site support by experienced teambits employees
  • Countless design-related, conceptual, and dramatic possibilities, but so much more
  • Deployment of multi-touch technologies