Enable your conference attendees to contribute digitally - with teambits:interactive.

Activate participants' knowledge, integrate that knowledge into the event process, generate relevance, and create value

"How do I get the most out of my event?"

You are faced with the question: "How do I develop the new action plan with my people? How do I gain the employees for the new strategy? How do we modernize our organization? How do we improve our product? "

In order to involve participants in thinking and solution processes, interactive event formats rely on space, movement, encounter and behavioral change. However, the relevant part of the added value is the information that the participants create. teambits software provides all tools for this purpose.

Turn participants into actors of agile processes

Your concept needs more than just voting and Q & A tools. Participants develop content in distributed roles, led by main and secondary moderators. Supported by a director whose function and composition is based entirely on the concept of your event.

teambits:interactive allows the free design of a moderation plan with distributed roles. teambits:interactive compiled information can be merged centrally or in working groups. They can be further processed in the event immediately and are automatically documented.

More content and more quality in less time.


No problem, our communication experts will be happy to help you find a suitable package for your event. We show you the conceptual possibilities of digital moderation in a Live-Demo via telephone and screen sharing. You can try out the functionality of the teambits software live.

Request your offer now!

The modular of our offer and pricing structure is transparent and allows you a quick overview of our services. In order to increase efficiency, we also offer framework agreements for the term of a calendar year.


You design events and want to keep up to date on how events can be rethought thanks to digitization? We are happy to share our knowledge.
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