Enable your conference attendees to contribute digitally.

Activate participants' knowledge, integrate that knowledge into the event process, generate relevance, and create value. No need to install an app. Works in every infrastructure. Anywhere. Data safe and GDPR compliant. With or without internet connectivity.

From concept to digitized result.

Experience the freedom to mediate self-determined and secure digital. Whether simple voting, moderated discussions or group work. Whether information or interaction. Involve participants in thinking and solution processes. Access results in real time while working with your audience.

Products and Services

Our offers always contain modularly all the products and services you need to carry out a project


Test and use without obligation!

all essential moderation tools

5 participants

for the simulation of upcoming events, for the agency pitch or simply for the daily meeting.

Upgrade possible at any time: Get started free of charge, scale as required.

Daily Meet-up

Make your meetings more efficient
29 34,51€ incl. VAT

work digitally in meetings or video conferences

browser-based, without app

10 participants included

max. number of participants expandable (2,90€/participant)

Export meeting results ad-hoc

Can be cancelled monthly or in a low-cost annual subscription

Large Groups

Make large meetings productive
149 177,31€ incl. VAT

Digital moderation, interactive presentation

browser-based, without app

50 participants included

max. number of participants expandable (1,90€/participant)

automatic meeting log

Branding in your colours

Offline use on local instance for maximum stability

Can be cancelled monthly or in a low-cost annual subscription


Digital moderation and EventApp for all conferences
599 712,81€ incl. VAT

Digital Program Guide

Digital speaker information

Digital Moderation

browser-based, optionally with native app (iOS & Android)

300 participants included

max. number of participants expandable (0,9€/participant)

automatic documentation & flexible data export

Branding in your colours

offline use on local instance for maximum stability can be added as a service

Can be cancelled monthly, as a low-cost annual subscription or as software leasing

Events & Festivals

Design events in a modern, interactive and productive way

Conference license especially for your event

up to 2,500 participants

complex moderation processes thanks to direction-supported moderator tools

customizable with EventApp add-ons and own developments according to your plans

Professional control surfaces

online, on-premises or with local instance for maximum stability

Graphical adaptation of all surfaces according to customer specifications

temporary WLAN and Internet connectivity

On-site consulting, technology and support

Request an individual offer!


Easy or complicated. In the end, everything has to work out. In a non-binding live demo, we advise you by phone and screen sharing on all aspects of your event.

The Solution for Demanding.


Moderators use practical surfaces. The director helps the moderator and controls all information and interactions. Communication with participants via push notifications, group or individual chats. Many content functions (agenda, speaker info, picture gallery and much more)


More than standard. Branding, interaction logic and tailor-made, customizable results representations. Interactions can be linked to processes. Contributions can be clustered and are immediately ready for digital export. Import functions for content and participant information.


Data security and DSGVO compliant. Optionally anonymous or personalized. Operation of the server on-site, on-premises or exclusively in the cloud. On request with guaranteed functional WLAN on site. Full control by moderator and director at all times. Take also control what is accessible when and to whom for each participant or group.


Ready to use anywhere in any infrastructure. On subscriber or rental equipment. With and without internet connection. With on-site support on request. Get live and reproducible results. Interactive, fast and always digitally documented.

Customer testimonials

In our events with several hundred participants, we rely on the support of teambits. The digital moderation is very flexible and can also be adapted to the current situation during an event. That way, we always have control in our hands.

Peter Gerdemann, Head of Communications, PricewaterhouceCoopers International

The sophisticated and simple system of teambits has contributed significantly to the interactive exchange. Everyone had the feeling that they had contributed to a good and productive result - no opinion was lost. Many thanks to teambits for a dedicated support in advance and on site!

Dr. Kai Hoffmann, Head Event Management, AstraZeneca GmbH

teambits: interactive was very well received by all participants [...].The results, which were automatically brought together by the software and recorded during the event, enabled us to continue our excellent work. The technology worked perfectly.

Dr. Alexandra Barta, Director Business Development, GlaxoSmithKline Pharma GmbH